Charity COVID-19 Communications


To learn how charitable arms of Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab and Vanguard are communicating with customers about market volatility caused by COVID-19, in order to create a competitive analysis.

Early Findings

  • On its website, Fidelity Charitable published an article for its clients which describes market volatility as an inevitable part of investing and encourages clients to consider charitable planning when discussing financials. On Twitter, Fidelity Charitable organized a chat where clients can ask questions surrounding how to give effectively during the virus epidemic.
  • On its charity website, Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund hasn't provided information surrounding market volatility caused by the virus epidemic. On March 24, 2020, Goldman Sachs has published a video which discusses when markets will hit the bottom and start recovering. The Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund doesn't have active social media profiles.
  • Unrelated to the virus pandemic, Schwab Charitable published a report which, among other things, explained how to mitigate the impacts of market volatility on financial considerations. Schwab Charitable doesn't appear to have active social media accounts.
  • Vanguard Charitable published an article offering advice on how to overcome volatile markets, however the company's website is currently unavailable. Vanguard Charitable's Twitter account is locked.
  • This spreadsheet will be filled with findings for a comparison.

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