Charity Organizations COVID-19 Communications


To create a client-facing competitive analysis by researching how the charitable arms of banks (Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Schwab, and Vanguard) are communicating with customers about COVID-19 through LinkedIn and their own websites.

Early Findings

  • Fidelity Charitable has included multiple posts on its LinkedIn page regarding COVID-19 including posts about teaching children at home and notifications about a webinar with the CDC Foundation.
  • Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund doesn't have its own LinkedIn page. All links from the fund's web page go to the general LinkedIn page for Goldman Sachs, including the President of the fund's own LinkedIn profile, Anne Black. Goldman Sach's page does include posts regarding COVID-19 and the potential for an economic recession. The fund does not have any communications on its web page regarding COVID-19.
  • On its LinkedIn page, Charles Schwab Charitable has only one or two posts regarding COVID-19. Most of the posts are about how to incorporate donations to charities in your taxes and the benefits of giving to charities. Charles Schwab's main LinkedIn page provided more posts about COVID-19, market volatility, and company announcements.
  • Vanguard Charitable has only one post on its LinkedIn page about COVID-19 in the last few weeks. It provides a link to how people can help support COVID-19 relief efforts. The division's web page contains a pop-up with links to how customers can support the relief efforts and a link for tips on how customers can "stay the course" and continue their long-term charitable plans. Vanguard's own LinkedIn page provides more information on investing, the market, and how the company is responding to COVID-19.
  • The spreadsheet will be filled with the findings.

Proposed next steps:

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