Children's Home Services


To provide an overview of Children's Home Society of North Carolina, including information about the agency, its mission/focus, data regarding placement of children, and any special or unique information available about this agency. A particular focus on discerning the specialization of this agency, or any information that could be construed as a challenge for this agency, is desirable. This data will be used to guide a marketing strategy.

Early Findings

Summary Of Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

This hour of research was spent looking through the presentation, history, and statistics cited within CHS's website pages in order to gather a holistic sense of the agency. Overall, what stood out about CHS in terms of how they promote themselves was that they provide not only foster and adoptive services, but also prevention and support services to the communities that they serve (e.g., The Wise Guys® program). They also openly recognize that the children that the agency is serving are older and many have special physical or psychological needs, which is noted within the agency's history page, and also on the page for each child within the agency. Thus, the connection to community, as well as the focus on finding the right family for each child, and support through the process, appear to be the specialized strengths of CHS.

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