Children Returning to School Safely


To find research or studies on children returned to school during COVID-19.

Early Findings

  • "School closure and management practices during coronavirus outbreaks including COVID-19: a rapid systematic review" covers closures and social distancing but not as much on how disease transmission is affected when children return to school.
  • As COVID-19 is extremely recent, it is beneficial to look at other studies or reviews of highly contagious diseases and schools. "Assessment of a School Exclusion Policy during a Chickenpox Outbreak" discusses school management during a chickenpox outbreak, a disease which also has a fairly long incubation period like COVID-19.
  • This study covers the oubreak of H1N1 in a New York school in 2009. Similarly, another article covers H1N1 in a school in London.
  • Another article discusses how Singapore successful coped with the SARS outbreak, including school (and return-to-school) policies.
  • This study offers an evidence-based approach for school closure policy during disease (specifically, flu) outbreaks.
  • Another evidence-based modeling approach focuses on norovirus to help formulate school policy.

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