Research Outline

Chilean Cherry Exporters


To determine, for each company in the provided list, when it was established, how much volume it moves annually, whether the company is also a producer/grower; and if not a grower, a list of growers for which it exports. All information provided is specific to cherries.

Early Findings

Our initial research indicates that information on the year of establishment and the company's function as a pure-play exporter or a vertically integrated grower/exporter is generally available for most companies which actually export cherries. Information about annual volume of cherries exported was unavailable for the companies surveyed in this response, largely because that information must be self-reported, and most companies do not appear to report it publicly. It is possible that we could research annual revenue as a proxy for volume, although our preliminary research indicates that most of these companies do not provide links to their annual reports on the website (as is common for public US companies). Information on grower partnerships was also not immediately available on the company websites, for those companies listed under 'Verified Exporters.'

Due to the high rate of inclusion for companies which do not export cherries, we limited our search for annual reports, financial reports, and grower partnerships to the companies which we were able to verify as cherry exporters (see 'Verified Exporters'). Our search for annual or financial reports for these companies did not generate any initial results.

Invalid Searches/Non-exporters

  • Agricola Chile Chico Cherry Ltda does not have a consumer-facing website, and its Facebook page is empty. No press releases were discovered for this company.
  • According to its website, Agrícola Tejas Verdes does not export cherries. It transports "grains, oilseeds and ingredients for the food and feed industry."
  • The website for Agrofruta Ltda is currently non-functional, and its Facebook page is an unofficial page with no useful information. According to the search results text, it was founded in 1986 and is a grower/producer.
  • Soler ( is a meat producer. It does not appear to export cherries. The logo on the provided list does not match the Soler logo on the provided website, so it is possible that another Soler exists in Chile. Our preliminary research did not find such a company, however.

Verified Exporters

  • ALSU is both a producer and an exporter. The company has been in business for more than 40 years.
  • AMS Family was founded in 1967, and is both a producer and an exporter.