Chinese Students in Australia


Determine the number of students in Australia and their reason for studying in the country for research purposes.

Early Findings


  • In June 2019, the number of Chinese students in Australia is 182,772.
  • This figure was calculated by using the available given figures from this report link.
  • Total number of international students in Australia: 630,247.
  • Percent of Chinese students in the country: 29%
  • Number of Chinese students in Australia: 630,247 X 29% = ~182,772.
  • In 2017, New South Wales has 304,545 total number of international students enrolled in the territory's schools.
  • The University of Sydney is the top Australian university for Chinese students.
  • Around 10% of students that are enrolled in the country's universities come from China.
  • Based on interviews, Chinese students mainly come to Australia to make them more employable in their home country.


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