Electric Ride-Sharing Trends


Gain an understanding of projected trends related to electric ride-sharing services globally.

Early Findings

Competitive Benefits of Environmental Consciousness

  • In order to stay competitive, ride sharing companies have increased their focus on carbon emissions, recognizing that shared rides and carbon efficient vehicles allow ride sharing to promote environmental benefits of using ride sharing.

New Regulations around Ridesharing

Improved Electric Grid

  • As personal drivers and ride sharing vehicles go increasingly electric, some areas are boosting their charging capacity.
  • This is projected to improve the accessibility and popularity of using an EV vehicle for ridesharing, as the increased convenience will increase the benefits to drivers on platforms like Uber and Lyft of choosing an electric option.

Proposed next steps:

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Provide a list of 3-5 key startups offering opportunities for either short term rental or car sharing options for EVs that have seen success in the past 2-3 years, and may contribute to an increased amount of EV ride sharing.
Provide an analysis of the key challenges to EVs being adopted within the rideshare space, such as infrastructure, cost to purchase, and so forth.