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To determine the percentage of people who commute via the designated modes in the following countries: China, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia.

Early Findings

Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet containing the project. We have completed the attached spreadsheet with additional information on the requested countries.


  • 28 percent of its population regularly commute via the public transportation system.
  • 68 percent of its population commute in their own personal or household vehicle.
  • Only 2 percent of the population regularly commute using a ride-sharing service.
  • According to the INRIX report, 59 percent of all trips in the country are below 3 miles.
  • Based on the above information, we can safely estimate that 40 percent (59 percent * 0.68) of the German population commute in their own personal or household vehicle for less than 3 miles, while 28 percent (41 percent * 0.68) commute for more than 3 miles.
  • To determine the percentage of people who do not commute via any of the previously identified modes, such as the elderly and babies, we simply sum up the previous modes. That is (28% + 2% +40% + 28%) = 98 percent.
  • Therefore, 2 percent (100% - 98%) of the German population do not commute or use any of the identified modes of transportation.

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