Clean Diesel Technology


To identify the differences between clean Diesel vs old diesel, the implementation of clean diesel technology in the US and the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA), pros and cons of clean diesel technology , and When clean diesel tech is going to be phased out in the US.

Early Findings

Clean Diesel Pros

  • According to Asher Auto, Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)/clean diesel is more stable and contains 97% less sulfur than regular diesel and this reduces the production of sulfur dioxide that can irritate the lungs and the formation of acid rain and ground level ozone.
  • Its refining process destroys compounds that lead to particulate matter (PM), reducing sulfur-based and PM pollutants.

Clean Diesel Cons

  • Asher Auto states that the clean diesel refining process also destroys compounds that reduce gum formation. Hence, a stabilizer is needed to reduce gum deposits that clog fuel injectors and fuel filters.
  • It is also a less effective lubricant that leads to increased wear on engine components such as fuel injectors and pumps.
  • Clean diesel is more expensive to produce and the cost is passed on to customers.
  • There may be health risks where superfine particles produced by ULSD and advanced emissions control systems can result in respiratory issues and impaired breathing.
  • Since diesel vehicle emission control devices are extremely sensitive to sulfur, continued exposure can lead to permanent damage and expensive repairs.

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