Research Outline

Customer Experience Software Surveys


To outline the ideal software surveys to improve customer experience, especially engagement techniques that can increase lifetime value.

Early Findings


Customer Experience

  • As an agile platform, this software promotes and improves customer experience by ensuring that companies are in a better position to monitor, respond and improve interactions with their customers.
Some of its common features include;
  • Measure & Baseline - measures customer experience based on independent touchpoint to predict future performance.
  • Predict & Prioritize - outlines customer needs and trends in order of urgency, to gather results with role-based dashboards as well as action plans.
  • Track & Optimize - tracks consumer behavior and patterns across diverse segments, to give companies an edge over their competitors.


  • mParticle is ideal for companies that are looking to consolidate their data in one place so that they can easily identify where customers could have an improved experience.
mParticle has various segments that include;
  • Audience Segment - by creating a useful audience segment, a company can re-engage customers by relying on historical context.
  • Calculated Attributes - computed fields sustained using a plethora of streaming events.
  • Rules and Transformations - customer data can be transformed at any stage within the pipeline.


  • To increase lifestyle value, companies need to apply solutions that bar any churn, while expanding and managing more customers.
  • Bitrix24 is a customer success software that has provided ideal solutions to many businesses by analyzing customer behavior, surveying data, and using the results to create a well-balanced score.
  • Bitrix24 is a free customer success software has helped companies use less effort, time and resources to the segment and prioritizing their customers based on their profile