Research Outline

Restaurant Marketing Software


To inform product marketing activities by obtaining background information on the industry for restaurant marketing software, including the size of the industry in terms of annual revenue, the ideal customer for such products (e.g., independent vs. chain restaurants), consumer preferences related to these products and the main competitors within this industry.

Early Findings

Restaurant Software Market Size

  • Initial research suggests that there is limited, pre-compiled information regarding the current size of the restaurant software industry specifically for marketing tools and product.
  • Overall, industry experts including Grand View Research, Technavio and ResearchAndMarkets report that the global restaurant management software market will reach approximately $6.94 billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of between 13.94% and 14.6% between 2018 and 2025.
  • Notably, these same market researchers (Grand View Research, Technavio, ResearchAndMarkets) report that restaurant marketing software will be one of the major drivers behind the expansion of this larger restaurant mangement software industry.
  • Additionally, Technavio adds that North America is expected to drive nearly half (46%) of growth within this highly fragmented industry.
  • Unfortunately, further details about how the market is segmented by software type as well as end user is not readily available without a fee.

Competitors in Restaurant Marketing Software

  • A parallel scan indicates that there are a variety of well-known companies that provide restaurant marketing software products that include loyalty programs, email marketing and/or birthday SMS services.
  • Providers of these services include Belly, LevelUp, The Fork, Perka, Flok and Eateria.
  • We recommend further research to determine the scale, customer base and product offerings of each of these competitors.