Research Proposal

Connecticut State Tourism


To understand current social media trends inspiring regional travel, including the presence of social media influencers and their size, and their effectiveness. The information will be used to inform a social media marketing approach for a State's tourism department.

Early Findings

Social Media Effectiveness

  • Social media channels are most effective on younger generations of Americans to influence their travel destinations: Gen Z and millennials.
  • They are less effective with older generations such as Gen X and Boomers.
  • 60% of Boomers and 35% of Gen X are not influenced by social media when choosing a travel destination.

Most Influential Social Media Platforms

  • The most effective social media channel when it comes to influencing travel destination is Facebook with 71% of millennials, 64% of Gen Z and 52% Gen X being influenced by content published in this platform.
  • The second most influential social media is Instagram with 46% of Gen X and 45% of millennials admitting being influenced by it for traveling decisions.
  • Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat in that order complete the top 5 of social media that influence travel destinations.

Using Facebook to Drive Regional Tourism

  • Opening a tourism destination Facebook page is an effective way to reach a target audience.
  • It is useful in converting followers in actual region visitors.
  • These visitors can then publish photos, videos and comments to contribute to the promotion of the region.
  • The effectiveness of publications and content can be evaluated by shares and likes.
  • Posts and content has to be able to convert followers into visitors.
  • The Travel Oregon Facebook page is a good example with close to 500,000 followers and likes.
  • In 2017/2018, the State of Oregon attracted over 4 million visitors, partly thanks to a social media presence that reached potential visitors through Facebook (23.2 million), Twitter (6.9 million), Instagram (9.6 million), and saw the publication of 256 stories.

Social influencers

  • The city of Philadelphia used top New York City-based Instagram influencers such as Jmsuarez to promote it through a trip filled with the city's attractions, local cuisine and landmarks.
  • The trip's best moments were posted on Instagram, which promoted the city as a cool and lively place to visit.
  • The use of famous New York macro-influencers has been used with success to attract people to an area and boost its reputation. That has been the case with Philadelphia.
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