Subscription Software Use


Provide an understanding of the use of subscription software among US enterprise-level media organizations in order to best gear a subscription software solution to its target audience

Early Findings

  • The enterprise software publishing industry in the US had a total revenue of $69 billion.
  • The industry grew approximately 9.3%, with growth driven by "an eagerness to adopt efficiency-enhancing software".
  • The overall software market in the US had a revenue of $456 billion in 2018, and is anticipated to grow to $507 billion by 2021.
  • Key segments of enterprise software are business productivity software, business management software, and security software.
  • It is projected that 80% of software vendors will change to a subscription based business model by 2020.
  • Key companies in the enterprise software space are Amadeus IT Group, Fiserv, Adobe Systems, HCL Technologies, VMware, Salesforce, CDW, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.
  • One key trend in the enterprise software space is the growth of partnerships and strategic alliances between software vendors in order to increase functionality and innovation.
  • Software companies that shift to subscription based business models are doing so to drive strong long-term relationships with clients to lead to business growth.

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