Cloud Services


To understand the types of small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) that purchase cloud solutions such as AWS or Azure, in order to assist with marketing and targeting.

Early Findings

Microsoft Azure Clients

  • On the Microsoft Azure website, the company has case studies of 49 companies in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that use Azure's cloud services.
  • Some of the SMBs included are Accuweather, Dental Corp, Radio Shack, Apptus, Canvass Analytics, Bazinga, and Diply.
  • Crunchbase was used to find estimated revenue for each company to confirm that it is an SMB.

AWS Clients

  • AWS has over 1 million clients and provides hundreds of case studies on its website. We examined the studies to find examples of businesses based in North America and then used Crunchbase to find estimated revenue to confirm that they were SMBs.
  • SMBs that use AWS include Alpha Vertex, Boingo Wireless, Crowdstrike, FINRA, Instapage, Manthan, and ProtectWise.

Proposed next steps:

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