CMO, VP, and Directors: Demographics and Psychographics


To provide a psychographic profile for people in the positions of CMO, VP of marketing, and director level positions, noting if there are any differences when comparing the Midwest to the rest of the country.

Early Findings

C-Suite Executives in the Midwest

  • In the National CEO Likability Study it was discovered that executives in the Midwest are the most liked. Nashville comes in with the highest average CEO likability score, followed by Miami, Columbus, Kansas City and Minneapolis.
  • Marketing and creative agencies, automotive, insurance, travel and artificial intelligence are the top five sectors where youre most likely to find great CEOs.

Psychographic Profile

The psychographic profile is based on the demographic profile provided in the previous research. We have used the following demographics: 54 year old male, executive, college degree, and an average income of $171,459.

Habits- Personality (of Marketing Executives)

  • This individual has keen analytical decision-making skills.
  • They are good communicators and have mastered time management skills.
  • Stamina tends to be a key aspect of successful executives.
  • They have also been described as business drivers, customer driven, relationship focused, strategic thinker, a visionary, digital guru, and a brand champion.
  • Change and creativity is embraced daily.

Values (of Marketing Executives)

  • Marketing executives value good working conditions, achievements, relationships, independence, recognition, and support from their employer.

Values of the Demographic- (Men, 54 years old, college educated, above average income)

  • They are generally accepting of others.
  • He highly values a work/life balance.
  • He is registered to vote (76%) and is most likely politically moderate.
  • 81% wish they had more time to spend with their family.
  • 56% are overwhelmed by financial burdens.
  • He feels pessimistic about retirement.
  • 67% try to exercise their brain and their body.
  • 20% have had a "wake up call" with their health in the last three years.
  • 57% consider themselves health conscious.

Spending- (Men, 54 years old, college educated, above average income)

  • This group is more likely to use their mobile phone over a PC/laptop when searching for products to buy online. (59% vs. 54%). 30% have used their mobile phones to pay for a purchase in the last month.
  • 60% agree that if they find a brand they like, they will stick with it.
  • More than 90% researched a brand in the last month. The top categories they researched are travel (47%), clothing/apparel (43%), electronics (40%), and food or beverages (36%).

Hobbies- (Men, 54 years old, college educated, above average income)

  • 48% listen to the radio.
  • 62% still read a newspaper.
  • 40% fantasize about having a day when they have to do absolutely nothing.
  • The most popular things to do with their free time are go out to eat (81%), socialize with friends and family (47%), and watch movies (62%).
  • Making home improvements was the most popular hobby (26%). Finding the latest tech, sports, gaming, reading, dance, fitness, music, board games, and cooking are also popular hobbies for this age group.

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