Research Outline

Co-Branded Credit Card Programs: ARPU


To obtain the average revenue per user (ARPU) of the co-branded credit card programs for Disney, BMW, and Amazon.

Early Findings


  • During the fourth quarter of 2019, Disney recorded 26.5 million subscribers. The average revenue per paid subscriber is $5.56 per month.
  • Co-branded credit card examples here include the Disney/Chase card. This card offers 1% convertible to points that may be used to make Disney-related purchases.



  • In 2018, the company's ARPU was $752 for its 310 million global customers.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • After a thorough research through different types of sources, we were able to conclude that this information is not publicly or readily available. We searched for this information across media sources such as Washington Post, NY Times, Forbes, and Fortune.
  • Additionally, we searched through the company's websites, press releases, and their financial reports in order to determine if this information was available. Unfortunately, during our one-hour research time frame, we were unable to provide a direct response/answer.
  • Based on these insights, we have outlined the research projects below.