Research Outline

Co-Living company valuations


To gather valuation data about co-living companies.

Early Findings

Co-living companies

  • They are defined as companies that provide private bedrooms for rent in large buildings, where some facilities such as bathrooms or kitchens are shared, similar to sharing a house or apartment with roommates.
  • The difference lies in the flexibility, higher standard, and membership communities that are created.
  • The possibility to use an App to handle repairs and billing is also a plus.
  • Examples of Co-living companies in the US include Common, Starcity, WeLive, Quarters, and X Social Communities.
  • Ollie is another company in the Co-living space.
  • Rent24 is a Co-living company with assets in Europe.

Valuation of Co-living companies

1) X Social Communities (XSC)
  • PMG has partnered with a private equity firm called Raven Capital Management to build XSC with $300 million in equity.
  • XSC has plans for 10,000 units for rent in the US.
2) Starcity
  • Starcity has been founded in 2016 and received Series A funding of $16.5 million in March 2018 from 7 investors led by Bullpen Capital.
  • Its latest funding round was a Series B of $12 million in March 2019.
  • It has raised a total of $32.23 (20.3+12) million since its foundation through three funding rounds: a Seed round, a Series A round, and a Series B round.
  • The company is based in San Francisco.
  • Starcity has a value estimated at $50-$100 million.
  • Its revenue is estimated at $3 million.
  • Its portfolio consists of 7 communities in San Francisco and 3 in Los Angeles.
  • Starcity has received approval to build two new community buildings in San Francisco and San Jose, due to open in 2021, with respectively 270 and 803 new units.
3) Ollie
  • Ollie was founded in 2012 in New York and received $15 million over 2 rounds, the latest being Series A in January 2018.
  • The company is seeking a further $50 million in the next round.
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