CoStar Competitor List


To identify the list of CoStar competitors in Canada in order to find alternative options.

Early Findings

  • In our background research of one-hour, we tried finding competitors of CoStar in Canada that have the same type of database information but we were unable to find any database that was close to CoStar's offerings. It was found that there is limited information on competitors of CoStar in Canada.
  • On further research, we found a claim made by CoStar's regional vice-president of sales stating that although there are many little boutique data providers in this space in Canada, none of them provides a one-stop platform for all the services and data coupled with advanced technology like CoStar.
  • And thus, this might be the reason why it was difficult to find companies providing the same type of database information in Canada. We did find one company in this background research. We've presented the findings in the research below.

Real Capital Analytics, Inc.

In addition to this public research, we scanned our proprietary database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

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