Research Proposal

Co-Working Spaces


To obtain the Market size, Key players in the market, competitive landscape, customer demographics/ psychographics, user journey, industry key drivers, industry trends and outlook for the co-working space and innovation consulting for Europe and Germany.

Early Findings

Innovation Consulting

  • Definition: Innovation in consulting can revolve around the company culture, hiring, innovative goals, ideation, or identifying new markets. The term has come to be defined as any consulting that is deemed innovative,
  • A directory of innovation consulting firms may be found here.
  • Top European consulting firms may be viewed here.
  • Top European innovation consulting firms may be viewed here.
  • Clutch provides a list of top consulting firms in Germany.
  • The largest consulting firms in Germany may be viewed here.
  • RESEARCH PLAN: Analyze the lists for the leaders and eliminate any that are not innovative. Then proceed with competitive landscape on the identified leaders.

Innovation Consulting Market Size

  • Market studies do not have a separate market for innovation consulting, as so many consulting companies consider themselves innovative. Therefore, a market size for consulting services would be the best indicator of the innovation consulting market. The European and German market will most likely need to be triangulated.


  • The number of coworking spaces and their average size has increased in Europe. London still has the densest network, boosting its supply with over 180,000 m2 of new coworking space (+13% vs. 2017). Nevertheless, out of the 18 European cities analyzed, Vienna, Milan, Cologne and Dublin have enjoyed particularly brisk markets with rapid expansion. Indeed, Vienna and Milan saw record performances with respectively 30,365 m2 and 38,211 m2 of new coworking space, i.e. increases of 449% and 294% compared to 2017. There were six deals in Cologne in 2018 for a total floor area of 29,200 m2 (+161% vs. 2017). Lastly, 8 deals totaling 43,338 m2 (+122% vs. 2017) boosted the Dublin market, which saw an average transaction size of 5,417 m2, the biggest in Europe.
  • 87% of coworking spaces collaborate with local partners - mostly with purpose-driven organizations and local services. One third also work together with local government or other coworking spaces. Generally, coworking spaces in smaller towns are more likely to work together with local partners.
  • Flexible workspace including coworking - accounts for between 10-20% of leasing activity in Central London. WeWork, now London’s largest private tenant, has a valuation larger than any office REIT. But, where will the model expand next in Europe and what does it mean for traditional office space?
  • EUROPEAN COWORKING HOTSPOT INDEX provides a list of the cities that are leaders and predicts the hot spots in the market.
  • RESEARCH PLAN: Since the co-working consists mostly of small, local partners, we would focus on the top cities/regions that offer co-working options.
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