Cognizant Customer Journey


To understand the customer journey of clients/companies looking to select an IT/digital services/consulting company such as Cognizant in order to facilitate a sales pitch to Cognizant.

Early Findings

As we dove into preliminary research on the subject, we found the following insights:
  • A McKinsey study found that business leaders prioritize the customer experience when choosing a service company and superior customer experience is about not just what a company delivers for its customers, but how it delivers the services.
  • Cognizant targets enterprises and a survey of over 1,000 C-level executives and IT decision makers found that there is a consumerization” movement among enterprise decision makers, whereby enterprise buyers are beginning to mimic consumer shopping behaviors and demanding the same customer experience.
  • Enterprise buyers now expect an online market place, video reviews, link to expert advice on social media, peer reviews, one-click access to support and installation services and troubleshooting, as well as other customer services that are typically associated with consumer-facing businesses.
  • Avanade's study of B2B executives and IT decision makers found that more than 50% of B2B buyers consult third-party sources before consulting a company’s marketing team or sales force.
  • McKinsey's survey of more than 1,000 B2B decision makers found that the number one pain point for B2B decision makers was lack of speed in interactions and it was twice as much a pain point than price. This suggests that companies are actively looking to select companies that respond on time to interactions.
  • About 86% of B2B decision makers prefer self-service tools for reordering instead of speaking to a sales representative.
  • Our initial research suggests that while there are dozens of sources on mapping the customer journey of a company, there seems to be limited objective sources or studies that specifically deals with the customer journey companies looking to employ the services of an IT/technology service company or consultant follow.

Research proposal:

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