Cognizant's Advertising Audit


To audit and analyze Cognizant's advertising in order to facilitate a proper sales pitch to the company.

Early Findings

As we dove into preliminary research on Cognizant's advertising, we gained the following insights:
  • Cognizant's recent adverts are focused on showing companies how they can offer improved services to their customers with the help of its new technology solutions such as machine learning and analytics.
  • A sample of the company's advert is about how they can help insurance companies use drones to reach hard-to-reach areas in record time and conduct proper analysis with the aid of machine learning solutions and technologies.
  • There seems to be a gradual shift from advertising directly to companies to showing those companies how Cognizant's solutions can help their own customers.
  • A similar advert also shows how companies can make the life of their customers or clients better using Cognizant's solution. For instance, one of the company's healthcare adverts shows how doctors and healthcare professionals can use Cognizant's digital solution to provide real-time healthcare advice by showing proof of concept in a family setting.
  • Cognizant's main promotion strategy is to present itself as a trustworthy brand that is dedicated to helping companies in various sectors get ahead.
  • One of the way they achieve this is by hosting an annual "Cognizant Community" conference, which is "basically a customer conference, a modern event for IT sector industries, which is surrounded by the belief of developing strong bonds with customers."
  • The company also relies a lot on word of mouth for its promotion and points a lot to previous deals and happy, leading customers in various industries it has served or is currently serving. For instance, they mention that 12 of the top 15 retail banks in North America are their clients.
  • During our preliminary search, we couldn't any find TV commercials before 2010 which may suggest that the company only started employing TV commercials in its promotion and marketing in recent years.
  • The use of social media, especially YouTube, is a key part of the company's advertising strategy, with the company updating its channel multiple times a day.

Research proposal:

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