Cognizant Social Media Audit


To gain an understanding of how Cognizant is communicating with the world through social media and how people are responding to and engaging with that content.

Early Findings


  • Cognizant currently has 361,404 followers on Facebook.
  • In the past month, Cognizant has posted numerous times, most of which include pictures of associates and executives participating in various events. The reactions are overwhelmingly positive, with only one angry reaction and one negative comment in the sample we examined.
  • Many recent posts are about Cognizant's participation in job fairs, industry events, and recruitment functions.
    • A July 9 post on Cognizant's participation in the Business Resource Group Day in Texas received 102 positive reactions, 2 comments and 2 shares. The post specifically saluted veterans, which led to a comment from DHD Films that said, "What a great way to support our veterans- way to go Cognizant!"
    • After 19 hours on Facebook, a post showing the Cognizant booth at the Develop Your Future Job Fair received 61 positive reactions, one comment, and 1 share.
    • A July 8 post showing Robert H. Brown presenting at the Healthcare Strategy Summit in Mexico received 122 positive reactions.
    • On May 31, Cognizant posted a picture of its recruitment booth at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation. The post received 131 positive reactions and 3 shares.
  • Nearly all posts include the hashtag #BeCognizant.
  • Cognizant posts pictures of the various charity events in which it participates.
    • A July 4 post showing a Cognizant team participating in Albuquerque Heart Walk received 54 positive reactions and 1 share.
    • On June 26, Cognizant partnered with the Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for an event in Indianapolis. The post received 94 positive reactions, 6 comments, and 1 share. Comments included "Good initiative" and "Wowwwww."
    • June 18 shows a picture of a Cognizant booth at the Bolder Boulder 10K race in Boulder, Colorado. It received 166 positive reactions, 1 angry reaction, 3 comments, and 2 shares.
  • Cognizant also posts when it receives awards.
    • On July 3, the company posted a picture of company representatives receiving the award for being recognized as a great place for women to work in Brazil. The post received 148 positive reactions, 4 comments, and 2 shares. Comments were supportive, saying "Well done guys," "Thank you Cognizant," "That's Awesome," and "Be Cognizant."
    • A June 21 post showed company representatives receiving an award for Excellence in Growth and Delivery at Pega. The post received 153 positive reactions, 5 comments, and 1 share. Positive comments included "Congratulations. Best regards to your CEO, but a negative post stated, "Maybe work on your excellence in employee care and mental health next" and posted a link to an unflattering article in Verge concerning a Cognizant employee.
  • Cognizant promotes their CSR initiatives through its posts on Facebook.
  • On July 1, Cognizant posted a picture of several of its employees in Argentina who bike to work to "do their bit for the environment." The post received 459 positive reactions, 7 comments, and 5 shares. Some comments included "Good initiative. Keep it up" and "Taking a step ahead means a lot. Keep developing, and GREAT INTIATIVE too. Keen to be a part too."
  • A June 4 post shows Cognizant working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank in Georgia to help fight against hunger. The post received 133 positive reactions, 3 comments, and 3 shares.
  • A June 2 post shows Cognizant volunteering at a blood bank in Mississippi. It received 101 reactions and 1 share.

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