Commercial Architecture- Competitive Landscape


To gain an understanding of the following four companies: Solomon Cordwell Buenz, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture , BKL Architects , and Fitzgerald Associates by building a competitive landscape of the companies that includes the following information: an overview of each company listed, a marketing analysis, a detailed overiew of the pitch/sales approach/message, social media usage, where do they hire from, and pricing.

Early Findings

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture
  • For the purposes of our research, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture is identified here.
  • Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • While Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture does not list the number of architects/design professionals it employs on its website, it does provide its 13-member executive team, comprised of six partners, two associate partners, and five principals.
  • Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture was named AIA Chicago's "2018 Firm of the Year" for its award-winning projects that "share a common sensibility toward placemaking."
BKL Architects
  • For the purposes of our research, BKL Architecture is identified here.
  • BKL Architects was founded in 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • The company's website lists 89 team and studio members.
Fitzgerald Associates Architecture
  • For the purposes of our research, Fitzgerald Associates Architecture is identified here.
  • Fitzgerald Associates Architecture is a nationally-recognized architecture firm located in Chicago.
  • Fitzgerald Associates Architecture was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1919 under the name Rissman & Hirschfield Architects. In 1950, additional partners were added and the company's name was changed to Hirschfield & Pawlan. In 1961, and additional partner was added and the firm was renamed Hirschfeld, Pawlan & Reinheimer. The name changed a couple more times as partners retired or left the company. It did not become Fitzgerald Associate Architects until 1986.
  • The company's leadership team and staff are listed on its "Meet the Team" page.

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