Top Industrial Irrigation Companies


To provide the names of the top ten industrial irrigation companies and short (as few as five words) descriptions of their control products to aid in future product naming .

Early Findings

The top ten industrial irrigation companies, with a focus on those who manufacture irrigation controllers, are Hunter Industries Incorporated, Rain Bird Corporation, The Toro Company (via its subsidiary Rain Master Irrigation Systems Inc.), Valmont Industries, Calsense, Galcon (via its subsidiary, Cyber Rain), Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Weathermatic, Hydropont Data Systems Inc. (via its subsidiary Baseline Inc.), and Signature Control Systems Inc.
  • The X-Core is a residential AC powered controller.
  • The Pro-C is a residential and light commercial controller .
  • The ICC-2 is a backwards compatible advanced AC powered controller.
  • The HC is a wifi-enabled residential irrigation controller.
  • The HPC is a wifi-enabled commercial irrigation controller.
  • The Pro-HC is a wifi-enabled residential and commercial irrigation controller.
  • The HCC is a wifi-enabled commercial irrigation controller .
  • The EXD5 Decoder System is a two-wire decoder solution system for the ICC2 or HCC controllers.
  • The I-CORE is a controller for high-end commercial or residential applications.
  • DUAL for I-CORE converts the I-CORE system into a two-wire controller.
  • The ACC is Hunter’s ‘Flagship’ large-scale commercial controller.
  • The ACC-99D Decoder converts the ACC into a two-wire controller.
  • The new ACC2 controller is a large-scale commercial controller.
  • The ACC2 Decoder converts the ACC2 into a two-wire controller.
  • The BTT is a battery-operated, bluetooth-enabled tap timer controlled via app.
  • The NODE-BT is a bluetooth-enabled wireless valve controller accessed via app.
  • The NODE is a battery-operated controller.
  • The WVP/WVC is a wireless valve programmer and battery-operated wireless valve controller combo.
  • The XC HYBRID controller can be powered by batteries, ambient light, or solar power for residential or commercial applications.
  • The ICD-HP is a handheld programmer for decoder system operators.
  • The Pump Start Relay controls systems that use a booster pump or draw water directly from creeks, springs or wells.

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