Research Proposal

Commissioning a Comic Book


Understand the process of commissioning a comic book including the process, a list of artists on commission, advice, and pricing/cost outlook.

Early Findings

Proprietary Research
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Publishing Process

  • The first step in the process is to have a well-laid-out script. Hiring or commissioning an artist with a simple script can lead to problems later down the line if the artist is given too much room for interpretation.
  • A comic script should include aspects such as page break downs and panel descriptions in order to effectively communicate the intent to the illustrator.
  • Hiring an illustrator depends on the publishing rout, comics can be published through a publisher that may provide an illustrator or though self-publishing, which will require an independent hiring method.
  • A self-publishing author should hire a comic book artist, which will deliver the best results over a graphic designer or simple illustrator. There is an industry for independent contractors worldwide.
  • If an author is self-publishing, creating an online presence is a big stepping stone to breaking into the business.
  • Some publishers require a pitch with illustrations already attached, though this is not always the case.
  • For self-publishing, a media form needs to be selected, either print or digital as well as a service that can deliver the media. There are several service out there such as Ka-Blam that run small quantity prints for self-publishers.
  • Considerations for self-publishing include finance and marketing for current and future "distribution, scheduling, convention appearances, plus everything else required to get your book into the hands of your fans and followers."

Pricing Stucture

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