Research Outline

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Gain an understanding of what is important for the roles of IO psychologists, the tools they use, what they do at large corporations, as well as qualifications companies typically used to hire these professionals.

Early Findings

  • Professional IO psychologists take on a variety of roles within companies, including titles such as Industrial-Organizational Consultant, Behavioral Analyst, HR Organizational Development Specialist, Senior Research Consultant, and Talent Management Specialist.
  • Typically, these professionals combine psychological principles and research methods to solve work environment challenges.
  • Specifically, common challenges tackled by IO psychologists include employee morale, employee or management work styles, workplace productivity, training development, and planning workplace policies.
  • IO psychologists often do formal and informal assessments of various workplace factors. These can include surveys or interviews to determine employee happiness, company culture, training gaps, group dynamics, and management challenges.
  • In order to assess employees, IO psychologists use a variety of personality testing, including the DiSC Assessment, the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Occupational Personality Questionnaire, the Caliper Profile, and 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire.
  • These tests and assessments allow for both analyzing and planning behavioral dynamics on teams and with management, as well as improving staff selection.
  • Top soft skills employed by IO psychologists within companies are emotional intelligence, critical thinking, data analysis, adaptability, and technology.
  • Most companies require a Master's degree in organizational psychology to hire for these roles, however many seek a PhD in order to be more hireable.
  • Highly respected professionals in the field also often have published papers on topics in IO psychology, have done research that has been of influence in the field, or have received recognition from international professional societies related to their achievements in IO psychology.
  • While highly competitive, the IO psychology field is growing rapidly, and predicted to be one of the most rapidly expanding psychology fields in the next decade.