Portable Temperature Control Business Users


To identify the most common uses of portable temperature control among businesses to determine the uses that should be focused on by companies in the market.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates that three of the most common uses of portable temperature control among businesses are construction, emergencies, and events.


  • Portable heaters and air conditioners are popular on construction sites, which often do not have permanent heating or cooling until after the construction is finished.
  • Temporary heating systems are also often necessary on construction sites to prevent frozen water pipes and to "maintain temperatures necessary for materials to set (such as adhesives)."
  • Portable heaters are necessary on winter construction months to "keep materials (such as paint or putty) from freezing overnight, thaw the ground and allow concrete to cure, and — most importantly — keep... workers healthy and happy."
  • Orion Building Corp. uses portable heaters during the winter months for their large scale construction projects.
  • When building a new outdoor baseball stadium in Washington D.C., contractors used 34 commercial UCI heaters to provide temporary heat during construction.
  • A multi-story construction project required temporary heaters on sixteen middle floors for "concrete curing and worker comfort."


  • LEED Green Associate used portable cooling devices as an emergency measure when the air conditioning went out in the office during the middle of summer.
  • The permanent air conditioning system stopped working in a senior Alzheimer's facility in Hartford, Connecticut during the summer months. Emergency temporary cooling units were brought in for the comfort of residents and staff.
  • In February 2018, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice agreed to install temporary air conditioners during the summer months for prisons that routinely reach extreme temperatures. This was in response to a class action lawsuit settlement.


  • Portable heaters are often used at temporary tent events that occur during the colder months. Portable air conditioners are also used for tent events during the warmer months.
  • LEED Green Associate used a portable heater to warm up a space for the company's Christmas party.
  • A major U.S. sports team uses temporary chillers to provide air conditioning to their practice facility so that it is hospitable for other uses such as boat and camper shows.
  • The Preakness Stakes required 60 large temporary climate control units to "keep the tens of thousands of square feet of tented areas at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather onsite."

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