Research Outline

AI-Powered Meeting Notes


To find platforms similar to

Early Findings

  • offers AI-powered transcription of any uploaded video or audio. This can produce notes for presentations, meetings, interviews, etc. It allows for searching, editing, playing, sharing and organizing. It also offers live notes. It natively integrates with Zoom.
  • Quite a few of the platforms similar to Otter focus only on calls, such as Tetra and Clark. Whipnote is designed for live conference calls and uses AI to actually coach individuals during the call. Reason8 seems similar, but details about the actual functionality are sketchy. It appears to only work with live meetings/recordings.
  • Steno offers live and uploaded recording transcription. While not as advanced as, it does allow for searching, marking and sharing. Users can then upload their content to various connected cloud services.
  • Expert articles compare Otter to Reason8 and Voicera.
  • Voicera, now called Voicea, focuses more on voice collaboration. The platform transcribes in-person, phone and video conference meetings.
  • Trint, another startup, offers similar features to Otter. Users can upload video and audio for AI-powered transcription. The transcripts can then be edited (and searched) for export to various cloud services. It does offer some in-platform sharing/collaboration capabilities, but not to the advanced level of Otter.
  • is also a similar automated transcription service. Again, the workspace capabilities are less, but it offers robust, fast transcription. Files can then be exported or stored in external cloud systems.
  • is also similar. It offers transcription and video captioning. Users can manage the files end-to-end and control access and editing. It also offers live transcription.
  • Simon Says is also often cited in articles with Otter and Trint, but exact details about the product's features are extremely vague.