Research Outline

Business Success Stories During COVID


To identify major success stories for businesses during COVID for the purposes of creating a presentation on innovation to help business leaders get past their fear and open themselves to the possibility of success.

Early Findings

The Red Roof Inn is an example of a major success story of a business that pivoted during the COVID crisis.

Red Roof Inn

  • When the pandemic hit, hotels were practically empty since travel was discouraged and people were not enthusiastic about sharing living space with strangers.
  • Red Roof Inn recognized that to survive the crisis, it would have to pivot its business model.
  • Additionally, many employees who had to suddenly begin working from home either didn't have the space to work or found there were too many distractions at home to get work done.
  • Therefore, Red Roof Inn began offering its rooms as "makeshift workspaces" through its newly branded "Work Under Our Roof" program.
  • Employees looking for a quite work room can pay $29 per day to access a private hotel room between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Rooms come equipped with "WiFi and a communication package that includes free local and long-distance calls and faxing."
  • Employees were also allowed to bring along "one well-behaved domestic cat or dog" free of charge.
  • Other benefits of the "Work Under Our Roof" package include a flat screen television, a work station, and free in-room coffee.
  • Red Roof Inn was able to successfully take advantage of the significant increase in employees working from home, especially when "co-working spaces, libraries, coffee shops and other places that workers flock to [were] shut down."
  • No more than two people could be in a single room under the day rate and rooms could not be used for meetings.
  • Red Roof Inn also developed its "Student Support Program" to help college students find lodging when their campuses shut down amid the pandemic.
  • Students could access rooms at 30% off and receive a $25 Amazon gift card to purchase necessities.
  • Furthermore, Red Roof Inn provided first responders with free rooms, thereby garnering positive public attention for its brand.
  • This strategy is considered a major success story because Red Roof Inn was able to think outside the box to offer necessary services and keep revenue coming in at a time when most hotels suffered dramatic losses.