Research Outline

Companies that are servicing Phone Repair SMBs: United States


To find top companies servicing phone repair SMBs in the US, and their number of employees, size, revenue and whether they offer device protection plans.

Early Findings

  • RepairPilot is a similar platform to RepairQ, offering repair management software for small stores. However, they serve a wider network of repair shops instead of just phone/device repair.
  • RepairDesk is a narrower focus, targeting computer and phone repair shops. They have 53 employees and have received $40,000 in funding.
  • FixStop is another system for electronics repair shops.
  • RepairShopr also offers general repair shop software, but they will target the system for specific needs, like cell phone repair.
  • CellStore Software is a broader offering for both sales and repair.
  • MyGadgetRepairs again offers a similar solution.
  • RQ by iQmetrix is their solution for cell phone repair shops.
  • OpenRMA is another option for cell phone repair shops.
  • RepairSpots is another POS and management system.
  • AYS Software can be used by large and small repair centers.