Organizational Culture Impact


Determine if there is a correlation between a culture of strong values in a company and its competitive advantage. Determine also the ways on how strong values influence how people execute their roles, impact on the level of collaboration in the organization, and ifthere less internal politics. Obtain insights also to determine if people stay longer at organizations that have a culture of strong values.

Early Findings

Organizational Culture Impact

  • Competitive advantages that rely only on the company's product, commercial performance, and operational setups often result in short-term successes only.
  • It is difficult to stay competitive and attain continuous progress in a world where market conditions are uncertain, competitors are relentlessly threatening to gobble up a company's market share, the state of technology is highly dynamic, customers are continuously asking for more, and employee expectations are constantly changing.
  • Given this, the only competitive edge that a company can rely on that will be tough to copy is its culture.
  • A company's culture is unique to the firm and can help mold its brand positioning, increase personnel retention rates, and serves as an inspiration to its employees.
  • Businesses are now more aware of the business advantage of a solid company culture.
  • Based on the 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey from Deloitte, 82% of the respondents consider company culture as a promising competitive advantage.
  • Companies with well-rounded company cultures were found to be more innovative than those with weaker cultures.
  • Experts consider company culture as the primary driving force of innovation in an organization.
  • Empowered employees that work for companies with favorable company cultures have been found to find new ways to solve problems better.
  • Having a solid company culture can also drive employees to work together for a common mission and have shared success metrics.
  • This can then enable firms to prosper together as one team.
  • As an example, Google is a company that is known for its great company culture.
  • The company rallies its employees around its simple mission statement:"Don't be evil."
  • The statement is being followed at the corporate level as Google tries its best to deliver as much "good" as it can.
  • Within the level of the employees, there is an expectation for them to deliver all the "good" possible at their individual roles.
  • With this, employees who embody this mission tend to keep this mantra close to their heart.
  • As a result, these employee actions are enabling the company to be on-track to achieve its vision.

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