Welding Connector Manufacturers


To make a list of all companies in North America that make welding connectors. The list must contain their product range, industry standards they follow, their certifications, and intermateability of the connector products.

Early Findings

Spreadsheet and Product Range of Lenco

  • The required spreadsheet listing the company name, HQ location, product range, available model numbers (as per catalog), link to the product catalog, page number of the catalog that mentions the product, industry standards followed, available certifications, intermateability of the products, and relevant sources can be found here.
  • Lenco Welding Accessories Limited is a Canadian welding supply wholesaler that manufactures over 50,000 welding products, welding accessories, and industrial products. The company sells to over 1,000 distributors in Canada and over the world.
  • Lenco is headquartered at Windsor, Ontario in Canada.
  • Lenco manufactures a wide variety of welding connectors and other products. Their complete product range related to welding connectors and accessories, the product model numbers, and the relevant catalog have been provided in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Even after extensive searching, we could not find the industry standard that Lenco adheres to while manufacturing welding connectors. However, their other products like welding helmets and protective faceshields adhere to the CSA Welding Standards as per the guidelines of the Canadian Welding Bureau. Hence, we can assume that Lenco manufactures all welding connectors and accessories as per the CSA Welding Standards.
  • Tnformation regarding intermateability of the welding connectors can be found in the Lenco product catalog.
  • Lenco's products are cerified with the DUNS: 051950293 Certification.

Summary of the Early Findings

  • In the allotted one hour of research, we could prepare the spreadsheet and fill up all details regarding the welding connector and accessories range of Lenco. However, there are several other companies that manufacture welding connectors in North America like Tweco, Praxair, Grainger, Miller Electric, and Jackson Safety, among others.

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