Research Outline

Company Analysis: View Hotels


To conduct a company analysis on View Hotels by providing key/specific competitive landscape information around its price points, location, key notable attributes (eg. restaurant, architecture, property features), number of rooms, social media presence, and social media quality (eg. highly active on Instagram). This will be used to inform marketing efforts.

Early Findings

  • "The View Hotels comprise three hotels within Australia located in three of the most beautiful and exciting cities — Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane."
  • These hotels are North Sydney Harbourview Hotel, Melbourne Parkview Hotel, and Brisbane Riverview Hotel.
  • View Hotels' competitive advantage appear to lie within the experience it provides to its customers from the magnificent views and atmosphere of its locations — harbor view in North Sydney, park view in Melbourne, and river view in Brisbane.
  • Its pricing varies and depends on varying factors such as the number of adults, children, the number of rooms, number of days/nights to spend, and the room type.
  • Based on its accommodation packages, some of them include Staycation — which starts at AUD 304, Refuel Package — starting at AUD 324, Luna Park — starting at AUD 354, among others.
  • "The North Sydney Harbourview Hotel is minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD, separated by the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. It offers magnificent views of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline.
  • Located along St Kilda Road’s famous tree lined boulevard on Melbourne’s city fringe and just a five-minute tram ride away from the Melbourne CBD and St Kilda Beach, the Melbourne Parkview Hotel is within easy access to the cafes and restaurants of St Kilda, Chapel Street, and Southbank; as well as the fabulous shops of Bridge Road and Smith Street."
  • "The Brisbane Riverview Hotel is conveniently located within five minutes from the Brisbane CBD and is the closest 5-star hotel to the airport; ideal for helping cut down travel time so you can arrive and relax sooner. Featuring a resort style swimming pool and private spa rooms and with sweeping Brisbane River views, the Brisbane Riverview Hotel is a luxurious home away from home, perfect for families and the corporate traveler."
  • More information including on the key notable attributes are provided for each of the member hotels — North Sydney Harbourview Hotel , Melbourne Parkview Hotel, and Brisbane Riverview Hotel .
  • View Hotels has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.