Company Contacts


To properly fill out the provided spreadsheet for the contact, email, phone number, and company address for each company listed.

Early Findings

  • Our first hour was spent verifying each of the 75 companies provided to us in the spreadsheet under 6 separate tabs. We can confidently state that each company has a verifiable website and not one company is unknown to us.
  • Please review the spreadsheet to ensure it is satisfactory.
  • The only item that absolutely needs to be clarified to us before moving on, and one of the reasons not one row has been filled out in the first hour (other than the time spent verifying each company) was because it was not made clear in the chat transcript what kind of contact is being looked for. For example, is it the CEO? The Marketing Director? The Information Officer? Something else?
  • Please indicate clearly to us in any reply what it is that is needed for column C.

Research proposal:

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