Research Outline

INurture Evaluation


To gather as much information about the company iNurture related to finicial growth. i.e. year-over-year and revenue growth, products and services, client list, pricing and growth strategy.

Early Findings

  • iNurture, founded in 2004, is a pioneering ed tech solution provider located in India, that revolves around a relationship between university and industry partnerships. The company collaborates with Indian and global universities powering new-age undergraduate and postgraduate programs through industry-aligned curricula and advanced technology.
  • iNurture's current curriculum consists of managed classrooms to global education.
  • The platform offers courses ranging from information technology, global management, new media, marketing leadership and innovation, business analytic, and financial services.
  • iNurture's products include KRACKIN Ace, KRACKIN Skill X, and CollegeNinja App, while services include a global education platform or managed classroom setting.
  • Annual revenue (2019) reached $19.9 million. Tofler will provide updated financial for the India-based company, but is offered through a pay walled source. Instafinancials will also provide limited data for annual revenues for foreign companies, but not enough details are available.
  • Inurture's largest investors include BlackSoil , Gujarat Venture Finance , Ventureast , and Ascent Capital .
  • The company's strongest competitors include Red Vector and Erickson Coaching International.
  • A list of partners (clients) can be found on the Inurture website.
  • The information regarding pricing and pricing strategy is not readily available; however, the platform offers the opportunity to connect with a representative to go over product and service pricing.