Research Outline

Company Information


For the 16 companies provided, to obtain the corporate addresses, and the names and titles of each of the marketing and communications employees that work there.

Early Findings

  • We prepared this spreadsheet for the 16 companies and all the required information, as we do not work in excel.
  • We noted that rows 15 and 16 in the original excel spreadsheet were duplicates, therefore we removed one of them, leaving us with a list of 15 companies, and not 16.
  • Many of the companies had locations all over the world. For this research we only provided the main or corporate address for the United States. There was one exception for this and is in row 11 and is the MAAG company. This one only appeared to have a Swiss address, which is what we provided.
  • We did not have time in the initial hour of research to provide any of the marketing and communication employees, but we did do a scan of LinkedIn for a few companies and saw that the names were available for some employees, so we are assuming that we will be able to find marketing and communication employees, as well as their exact titles.
  • We will only be providing marekting and communication employees that are with the company in the United States.
  • Please select the option provided in the proposed scoping section below.

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