Company Landscape


Determine the specified statistics on new companies that have earned $200 million in revenues in 2018 and 2017. This information will be used to target new clients based on the evolution that is happening within the landscape of midsize companies.

Early Findings


  • Around 50 startups became unicorns this year, earning more than $200 million.
  • Based on Feedough's report, there are around 197 unicorns globally.
  • However, Crunchbase estimates that there are 452 unicorn companies.
  • The 196 companies are US-based while the 165 are from China.
  • In 2019, Crunchbase leaderboard shows that there are 35 new US-based unicorns, two-thirds of the total global figures.
  • Crunchbase stated that it found 151 new unicorns in 2018, higher than the 96 figure from 2017.
  • The estimated number of unicorns that spring up every year is around 4.
  • For 2019, over half of the unicorns around the world were established between 2012 and 2015.
  • As such, these companies were "between four and seven years old" when they become unicorns.
  • Around 87% of the unicorns sell software, 7% sell hardware, while the remaining 6% offers other products or services.
  • Around 62% of the unicorn firms run B2C companies.
  • Their business models involve delivering affordable and useful products for consumers.
  • These unicorns are mostly privately-owned firms.


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