Research Proposal

Company overview Datassembly


To obtain data on the Company overview and competitors of Datassembly.

Early Findings


  • Datasembly provides a "data-as-a-service model which enables researchers and analysts to focus on extracting and capitalizing on insight from the data."
  • The company is a privately-owned company that was founded by Ben Reich and Daniel Gallagher in 2014.
  • Datasembly corporate headquarters is located in Washington DC, US.
  • The company has received $1.5 million in total funding rounds.
  • From our initial findings, we were unable to identify any data on DATASSEMBLY. However, we found a company called DATASEMBLY. We have assumed that this is the correct spelling of the company. Should this be false, kindly add a comment in the section below and we will ensure that the correct company is used for the research.
  • The research will be completed in the attached spreadsheet.

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