Research Outline

Peloton's Competitors


Provide a competitive landscape of Peloton's competitors. The information will be used to make an investment decision.

Early Findings


  • Like Peloton, ClassPass offers a fitness training platform that can be accessed globally.
  • The private company has an estimated revenue of $45 million and is headquartered in New York.
  • It targets fitness-oriented people who often don't have time to go to the gym.
  • One of the company's competitive features is its flexibility in allowing its subscribers to attend fitness sessions in any gyms.
  • The company also provides a fully-loaded app that can be accessed worldwide.
  • The company also charges only one monthly fee for their classes without additional charges.
  • ClassPass membership can also be used in 2,500 locations globally.
  • Fitness classes can also be streamed at home without any charges.
  • The company has thousands of customers.
  • Soul Cycle provides indoor cycling and other fitness classes that can be accesses through their platforms.
  • The company's estimated annual revenue is $100 million.
  • It has its base operations in the US and has gym locations around the world.
  • The company boasts of its expert instructors that lead its fitness classes.
  • The company offers an alternative exercise style for its patrons.
  • Soul Cycle equipment can also provide an individual's workout data to help in optimizing routines.
  • The company has 4% less US customers compared to Peloton.