TJX Company Profile


Create a company profile of TJX to inform a presentation about the effectiveness of increasing Lifetime's share of GRPs. The profile should detail how the business units compare to each other, any indications of acquisitions, financial health, successful and unsuccessful marketing and media strategies, and social impact initiatives.

Early Findings

Business Units

  • TJX's US business units include T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra, and Homesense.
  • Its Canadian businesses are Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls.
  • In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Australia, TJX operates T.K. Maxx and Homesense.
  • Internally, TJX classifies its businesses into four segments: Marmaxx (T.J.Maxx, Sierra,, Marshalls, and, HomeGoods (HomeGoods and Homesense in the US), TJX Canada (Winners, HomeSense and Marshalls in Canada), and TJX International (T.K. Maxx, Homesense,

Financial Health

  • The TJX stock price has steadily increased from $8 in 2010 to $60 in 2019.
  • In November 2019, TJX raised its full-year profit forecast after a 4% rise in comparable store sales in the third quarter.
  • The company's total annual revenue from 2017 to 2019, respectively, was $33.183 billion, $35.864 billion, and $38.972 billion.
  • In the fiscal year ended 2019, Marmaxx made $24.058 billion in net sales, HomeGoods made $5.787 billion, TJX Canada made $3.869 billion, an TJX International made $5.257 billion.


  • In February 2017, TJX bought a 25% stake in the Russian low-cost apparel retailer Familia.
  • In 2015, TJX acquired and rebranded Trade Secret, an off-price retailer in Australia.
  • Warren Buffet wants Berkshire Hathaway to buy a major corporation, and TJX is on a list of potential options by Barron's.

Media Campaigns

  • TJX's digital media campaigns in 2019 were successful in reaching young customers.
  • TJX currently conducts marketing through televisions, radio, print, outdoor, digital/ social media, email, mobile, and direct mail.
  • TJX hired the media agency Mindshare for all of its US brands in 2017.

Social Impact Initiatives

  • Three of TJX's social initiatives include foundation giving, cause marketing, and associate volunteerism and giving.

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