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Obtain the name, description, vertical, headquarters and funding stage of the listed German companies.

Early Findings

Company Details

  • Findings have been provided in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Adtelligence is a German intelligence company that was founded in 2009 by Michael Altendorf. The company specializes is online business consumer intelligence. The company relies on machine learning to increase conversion rates in-store and online.
  • The company works in the software industry and is headquartered in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. In addition, they are in the Early Stage Venture Series A round of funding.
  • Appsichern is an insurance company that focuses on providing an online and mobile portal. The company provides short-term solutions and niche products. The company was founded in 2012.
  • The company is in the insurance sector and is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
  • Asuro was founded in 2015 by Carlos Reiss. The company offers an online portal to "manage, track, and optimize all their insurance policies, premiums, and benefits."
  • The company works in the insurance sector and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany.

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