Company Renaming Success Case Studies


Determine the return on investment when companies rename themselves. The information will be used to help clients understand the benefits of renaming their firms.

Early Findings

The following are some of the companies that renamed themselves and achieved positive results based on our initial search.






Google and Ebay's name changes are considered as the main factors in propelling their companies into their current multi-billion dollar global status.

Proposed next steps:

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To get all of the requested information, we recommend completing additional research work to determine 2-3 additional case studies of companies that renamed themselves and came out successful because of the change. We will also include quantitative metrics that show the companies' growth. These metrics can pertain to positive results in terms of stock values, new customers, sales, and other success measures. The success metrics should include short and long term results. We will start to look for this in academic research papers and branch out from there as needed.