Research Outline

Compare Real Estate Platforms Part 2


The second part of research focuses on OJO Labs as the benchmark against 3 automated competitors, HomeLight, OpCity, and Referral Exchange, to understand what OJO Labs is doing successfully, and where the company may be unsuccessful in comparison to its three competitors.

Early Findings

  • OJO Labs platform combines accurate data through proprietary AI/technology platforms offering a differentiated, comprehensive home buying/selling experience, allowing agents to engage at optimal times during the process.
  • OJO Labs leading technology team combines collaborative IDX with customizable websites, branded mobile apps, and a fully-integrated predictive CRM utilizing the recently acquired RealSavvy platform (game-changing products and features built to solve hard and entrenched problems) with a photo scanning tool for kitchens.
  • OJO's platform combines machine intelligence (virtual assistants) and human experts to provide the information, options and support customers need at every turn in the home buying process.
  • OJO's objectives is to reduce menial tasks and help people make better decisions through big data
  • OpCity offers cash rewards to customers based on a sliding scale.
  • OpCity (now offers faster response time in a one-stop end to end solution.
  • HomeLight's platform offers access to game changing financial products without the need for an agent.
  • HomeLight Elite provides collateral for real estate offices, listing presentations, and yard signs to help win more business and close more deals
  • Referral Exchange uses a proven system (Client Success Manager) that qualifies leads and directly transfers the client to agents.
  • Referral Exchange's platform has a buyers-sellers link to with a consumer tip sheet for interviewing agents.