Research Outline

Health Insurance Plans


To compare ACA plans for a family.

Early Findings


  • Estimated costs for bronze level plans range from $743-932 per month.
  • Bronze plans have higher deductibles, from around $8,850 per group, with max out of pocket costs of $16,300.
  • These plans generally cover preventative care, prescriptions, emergency care, surgery and telemedicine.


  • Silver plans range from $1,053-2,108 per month.
  • With the higher monthly cost, deductibles are a bit lower. For example, one silver plan has only a $2,600 deductible.
  • Many of these child plus parent plans cover dental and vision for the child as well.


  • Gold plans carry a monthly cost of $1,262-2,523.
  • Deductibles here are even lower, coming in at only $1,200 on one plan.


  • Platinum plans in New York range from $1,529-3,057 per month.
  • These plans mostly have $0 deductibles and lower out of pocket maximums.
  • None of the plans found for New York state cover out of network costs.