Research Outline

Partner Compensation and Responsibilities


To outline the compensation structures and typical responsibilities of an Associate Partner, Partner, and Managing Partner at a small to medium tech recruiting firm, in order to evaluate the best practices and market rates for these roles.

Early Findings

Average Salary

While the average salary specifically for an Associate Partner, Partner, or Managing Partner at tech recruiting agencies wasn't found directly, related salaries are listed below.
  • The average salary for recruitment partner across all sectors appears to be $44,047.
  • A tech recruiter has an average base pay of $45,984.

Tech Recruiting Firms

In order to gain an insight into the average pay of a partner at a tech recruiting agency, we identified some example companies that can be used as a proxy.

Recruitment Partner Roles

We also identified a couple of recruitment partner roles, in order to determine whether information on the role requirements is available. We were not able to find examples from small or medium tech recruiting firms in our initial research.
  • A recruitment business partner will partner with hiring managers to identify personnel needs. They will determine optimal job advertising strategies and craft sourcing strategies. This includes hosting recruitment events, advising recruiters, and calculating and reporting KPIs.
  • A tech talent acquisition partner role at CDK Global is listed with a salary of $36,000 - $79,000. The responsibilities include managing relationships with managers and directors, identifying strategies for hiring tech roles, engaging candidates through a social media presence, and leveraging data to inform insights.