Bryan College Station Sports Competitive Landscape


To obtain a list of competitors of Bryan College Station Sports + Events along with details on why it is a competitor, why people visit, reviews, main activities offered, annual events, and marketing tactics, in order to improve the marketing efforts of Bryan College Station Sports + Events.

Early Findings

  • A review of the Bryan College Station Sports + Events website found that the company is not a facility itself, but rather facilitates rentals of sports and other event facilities within Bryan College Station, Texas. Therefore, a search for competitors looked for similar companies that facilitate rentals, rather than being a destination unto themselves.

Bryan College Station Sports + Events

  • In addition to facilitating the rental of venues, the company offers a variety of supplemental services related to the rental such as logistical support. volunteer coordination, hospitality, media relations, and welcome gifts.
  • The company also provides assistance with applying for the Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Program (HOT Grant) if they qualify.


Stylehawk Event Services

  • Stylehawk Event Services helps people rent sports venues in Southern California.
  • Additionally, they offer supplemental services related to the rental including administrative support, access control, event management, and crowd management.
  • This was chosen as a competitor to Bryan College Station Sports + Events because they offer similar services and also are limited to a specific local geographic region.

Unique Venues

  • Unique Venues offers assistance with renting stadiums and arenas across the U.S.
  • Based on the wide geographic focus and due to the fact that the company only appears to focus on stadiums and arenas, they do not appear to be a reasonable competitor of Bryan College Station Sports.

Aviator Sports

  • An examination of the Aviator Sports website found that they are a sports facility with various spaces for rent. They offer spaces for a wide variety of sports including soccer, gold, pickleball, volleyball, and ninja warrior.
  • This does not appear to be a competitor of Bryan Colleg Station Sports because they only rent out their own facilities rather than providing rentals and services at a large variety of venues with a specific town or county.

Summary of Findings Related to Goals

  • Our initial search only found one company, Skyhawk Events Services, that would be considered a true competitor of Bryan college Station Sports + Events.
  • The criteria used for identifying competitors included being a company that facilitates the rental of sports and other venues with a limited geographic region, specifically a town or county; a company that offers supplemental services related to the venue rental; and a company whose rental options include both indoor and outdoor venues. Moving forward, we would recommend sticking with these guidelines unless they need to be expanded due to a lack of true competitors that meet these criteria.
  • We assumed a U.S. focus for the research.
  • Some questions of interest posed in the initial request may not be relevant based on our understanding of Bryan College Station Sports not being a venue unto itself. For example, why do people decide to visit, main activities, and annual events would be relevant facts related to a singular venue.

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