Competitive Analysis, Heber Valley


To provide competitor data on cities near or similar to Heber Valley, Utah, including the following; average annual visitation, demographics of visitors, differentiators and/or special attractions, and digital marketing tactics

Early Findings

Three cities similar to Heber Valley are South Ogden, West Haven, and Bluffdale (all in Utah).

Attractions in South Ogden include the Eccles Community Art Center, Flowrider Utah, Fort Buenaventura, the George S Eccles Dinosaur Park, and the Hill Aerospace Museum.

The population of South Ogden is 16,918, with a median age of 34.

The city is known for being clean, attractive, and family-friendly, as well as near to two larger cities, Salt Lake City and Provo.

The city was ranked as #38 for Most Comfortable Summer Cities in the US and #194 for Best Green Cities.

Attractions in West Haven include West Haven River Parkway on the Centennial Trail, Historical Monument at The City Park, Utah State Railroad Museum, and Mulligan’s Golf.

The population of West Haven is 12,109 with a median age of 29.5.

Bluffdale is a suburb of the SLC area, known for its rapid growth, and for being both cosmopolitan but tradition oriented as a primarily Mormon community. The city has a great deal of commercial activity.

The population in Bluffdale is 10,869, with a median age of 26.2.

Attractions in Bluffdale were mostly limited to public parks and recreation, with around 60 acres of public park area, a community garden, and a splash pad in the city. Wardle Regional Park was also mentioned on Trip Advisor as being worth a visit.

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