Research Outline

Lately - AI Content Generation


To provide an analysis of the artificial intelligence (AI) angle of the marketing content generation market by looking at Lately's features, costs, and other platforms that are similar to Lately.

Early Findings


  • Lately is the first AI-powered social media management platform that puts together in one place these five main social management tools: task assignment, marketing calendars, content creation, omni-analytics, and post scheduling.
  • Unlike other social media management tools, Lately uses AI to gain insight on how one can quickly create campaigns that are more profitable.


  • One of Lately's key features is its social post auto-generator. This is one of the key features where AI is highly utilized since this generator is designed to help "re-purpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, whitepapers, and other evergreen content into multiple, unique social media posts."
  • Another key feature is the social media connector that connects an "unlimited number of social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the rest) via a single login." Through this, one can see all the different social media networks in a single dashboard.
  • Lately also has the bulk scheduling feature which allows one "to schedule social media posts in bulk." This feature allows posts to "be scheduled to go live daily, weekly, monthly, or at any other desired frequency."


  • Lately has a 7-day free trial period. Once this free trial expires, there are four plans to choose from. One plan is called Litely which is priced at $49/dashboard/month.
  • Another plan is called Professionally which is priced at $129/dashboard/month . There's also the Corporately plan which starts at $349/dashboard/month .
  • The last plan is Enterprisely which is the most advanced plan. One needs to call the provider in order to know the cost of this plan.