Text To Speech Competitive Landscape


To locate 5-10 global businesses or startups that offer text to speech technology for a competitive landscape. These companies will not be big tech companies.

Early Findings

Companies That Offer Text To Speech Services

Located Companies That Time Did Not Allow Visiting Website

Results of Iniital Research

  • Our intial research time was spent located companies that offered TTS services. 12 companies that offer speech to text services were located. We attempted to get a global variety of comapanies, with some established companies and some startups. Instead of the 5-10, the 12 are presented for research, as without a competitive analysis, there was no real way to select only 10.
  • The last 3 companies on the list were not verified, due to time.
  • We will present the competitive analysis in this spreadsheet.

Proposed next steps:

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