Competitive Analysis - Verto


The goal is to locate other study abroad options for freshmen that serve as competitors to Verto Education.

Early Findings

In order to locate similar programs to Verto Education, we started by looking at Go Overseas, which pointed us to the Gap Year Association, of whom Verto Education is partnered with. This association also endorses the following programs that are similar to Verto Education. Twenty three of the programs on the preceding link are accredited as gap year programs and have ratings.
Verto has a 90% positive rating on the Gap Year Association website.

Other Programs

  • lists a plethora of programs available and outlines how each of them work and how much they cost. These programs can be narrowed down by fields of study.
  • LIU Global offers a bachelor's program while traveling. Their "Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies program is the only accredited four-year bachelor’s education in the world that immerses students in over eight countries for a one-of-a-kind education without borders."

Proposed next steps:

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